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Foto Syur Emma Watson Dengan Bikini Pantai

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While it is identical with their respective characters in the Harry Potter film, but Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson admitted that they were not willing to play in this film again, although there will still be novel to be continued.

This relates to the statement of the author, JK Rowling, on the show Oprah SHOW some time ago, which mentioned that he might be tempted to write the story of this young wizard again.

But Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, said that he would reject this offer. "Oh, my God, no, I'm not going back, I think this movie is finished and complete. It would seem strange, no way, will be really weird," says this beautiful girl.

Meanwhile, the main character actor, Daniel Radcliffe, also said similar things about Harry Potter. "No, perhaps the reason is because 10 years is enough. I think this film has reached the perfect cover and admirable," said Daniel.

The cast of this movie is has worked for 10 years to produce 7 films raised from 7 novels. The last movie will be divided into 2 parts and HARRY POTTER AND THE first part of the Deadly Hallows will be released next month

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