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Pose Bugil Monica bellucci Telanjang

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Have a beautiful body would be a dream of women around the world. Often times, the 'task' pregnant and gave birth to the baby so an obstacle for them to have a beautiful body like a Spanish guitar. However, this was not true for Monica Belluci, who can pose with perfect body even after giving birth.

So it is worth if this beautiful actress revered by many men, and even women, for acting ability as well as his appearance is always 'professional'. Recently, the Italian actress is showing off a perfect curve of her body when it became a magazine cover model of Australian men, Men's Style.

On the front page of this magazine, Monica looks posed wearing one-piece swimsuit bright red halter neck cut.

A unique, shooting is done only five months after Monica gave birth to her second child, Leonie. Obviously, this feels no sense to many other women who usually have a body fat tends after giving birth.

When asked about the pose, apparently there are no special tricks are used to restore the body form quickly. In fact, Monica admits she still very fond of Italian cuisine, which of course, full of fat and cheese.

"I of course love Italian cuisine, I eat everything, but I most love Italian cuisine," he said.

If Monica was still eating with gusto, surely he often practiced at the gym. Not really, because Monica admitted almost no time to exercise.

"So rather than going to the gym, I mostly dressed in black. More practical and fun," he concluded.

Well, the body beautiful as it is without effort? We truly envy you, Monica!

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